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Do you want that golden, just-spent-the-weekend-at-the-beach look? Tan Unique can help! Our VersaSpa Pro Heated Sunless Spa Booth delivers the best, natural-looking tan in just 10 minutes. With some simple spray tanning prep and aftercare it’s easy to achieve your ideal tan (and make it last).

Pre-Tan Prep

Getting ready for a big event? We recommend scheduling your spray tanning session two days beforehand to allow the spray solution time to fully develop (about 12-24 hours).

The morning of your session, make sure to scrub down, and gently exfoliate problem areas like your knees and elbows (the thicker skin there tends to absorb more tanning solution which turns these areas darker).

  • Pro Tip: We recommend putting a layer of lotion on your knees and elbows prior to your session. It’s an easy way to create a little bit of a barrier from too much spray tan solution collecting in these areas. You could also do the same for the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands for a more natural, sun-kissed look!

While we recommend that you shower and exfoliate beforehand, you shouldn’t shave for at least 12-24 hours prior to your session. The reason for this is twofold: When you shave, you’re taking off a layer of dead skin cells and making way for a fresh new layer of cells. This is ideal for baby-soft skin, but less than ideal with how DHA pigment (aka: the active ingredient in spray tanning solution) tends to react with newly exposed cells. It can cause slight irritation and redness, not unlike going without shaving cream before you shave or moisturizing afterwards. The other reason is that shaving directly before your session leaves your pores open and extra susceptible to the spray tan. When your pores close they trap the bronzing solution underneath, creating dark brown dots along your legs.

And lastly, wear loose dark clothing to your session to keep your spray tan from staining anything (although most spray tanning solutions are washable, it’s better safe than sorry).

VersaSpa Pro Heated Sunless Spa Booth

Tan Unique’s VersaSpa Pro Heated Sunless Spa Booth delivers a professional custom air brush tan with results that are consistent, personalized and flawless. Simply choose your color level (Glow, Light, Medium or Dark) and allow the booth’s Height Sensor Technology to ensure pinpoint accuracy, which means full coverage for any body type! VersaSpa also offers the option to upgrade your session with different skin care treatments and color boosts for legs or face. The booth is smart technology-enabled, and talks you through the simple process with added visual instructions.


After your spray tan, the bronzing solution will still take time to develop, so it’s important that you don’t get wet. You might want to skip showering, exercising or swimming for at least the next 6-8 hours to prevent streaking.

Our VersaSpa Pro Heated Sunless Spa Booth delivers a tan that lasts up to 5 to 7 days. To keep it for as long as possible we suggest:

  • Don’t exfoliate excessively
  • Don’t shave very often
  • Moisturize after you shower to keep the tanning solution locked in!

Don’t be a Ross! Get the best, natural-looking spray tan at Tan Unique.

Check out our VersaSpa Pro Heated Sunless Spa Booth for spray tan options and exclusive skin care treatments! Walk-ins are welcome at our salon on 4500 Rogers Ave, or call (479) 785-1185 to make an appointment.

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The best tan starts with a silky smooth foundation. With a little effort you can get flawless looking skin in no time! Just follow these few simple tips that will leave your skin looking radiantly gorgeous:

Use a Cleanser

Getting a naturally smooth complexion starts with the daily use of cleaners. Cleansing your skin is essential to removing oil and impurities that build up throughout the day. It’s especially important to keep up a twice daily cleansing ritual for your face in order to clean out your pores and prevent breakouts.

This also helps to detoxify your body in order to get rid of the buildup in your pores that helps block UV rays from the melanin pigment in your skin, which can lead to discolored patches after tanning. A thorough cleanse keeps your skin soft and smooth while also priming your body to accept a more even color. That’s why it’s recommended that you always cleanse and exfoliate before your tanning sessions!

Using a sulfate-free cleanser is the best way to give your skin a more natural glow. Their rejuvenating properties penetrate deeper into the skin and provide a more thorough cleanse.

At Tan Unique, our line of VersaSpa products features a sulfate-free omega-enriched grapeseed oil clenser infused with a combination of green and brown marine algae. Marine algae has become a popular miracle ingredient in advanced skincare due to the similarity in the composition of human skin and algae skin, which is able to replenish itself even after being subjected to extreme environmental aggressors.

Salons are the best place to get the latest in professional skin care products with a variety of active ingredients.

Get a Flawless Face Tan

The delicate skin of your face has less melanin (the pigment that reacts with UV rays to darken your skin tone) than the rest of your body, which is why it can be notoriously difficult to tan. These are a few simple tricks to help keep the color on your face flawlessly even:

Don’t Wear Makeup – Make sure to remove your makeup before your tanning session. It interferes with the tanning process by creating a layer between your skin and the UV rays. 

Customize Your Spray Tan – Spray tan booths have many customizable features. Our VersaSpa Pro sunless tanning booth allows our customers to upgrade their session to include color boosts for their legs or face.

Use Self-Tanner – Snap on some gloves and apply some self-tanner! Make sure to apply the product evenly in circular motions. Don’t leave out your ears or neck, apply a small amount of self-tanner to both using a cotton ball to ensure full coverage.

Pro Tip: Remember to rub Vaseline, chapstick, or conditioner over your eyebrows to protect from discoloration.

Use Bronzer – For a quick fix, we recommend using a liquid or powder bronzer. Using bronzer gives you the best control over how dark you want to go. It just takes a good eye to match your best color tone!

Get the sun-kissed look with a bit of bronzer! (Pic Credit)

Be Good to Your Skin

The most important piece of advice we can give, is to be good to your skin. A healthy lifestyle and habitual skin care routine is the best way to keep your skin looking silky smooth and glowing!

The surest way to keep your skin beautifully supple is to supply it with what it needs. Make sure to moisturize daily and drink plenty of water. Apply a hydrating moisturizer right after a bath or shower, when the warm water causes your pours open up and allows for better absorption.

Pro Tip: A high quality moisturizer is a great way to get vitamins that need to be replenished daily. We recommend moisturizers that contain both vitamins C and E!

Pro Tip: Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will give your skin a more radiant glow!


Check out Tan Unique’s wide selection of skin care products at our salon on 4500 Rogers Ave or call (479) 785-1185. Keep up with our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news!

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At Tan Unique, we’re all about keeping your skin looking healthy and beautiful! That’s why we’re sharing a few of our simple beauty tricks that’ll be sure to keep your sun-kissed skin glowing.

Use SPF Foundation

Professional dermatologists recommend that we wear SPF every day. Making sure the delicate skin on your face is covered with a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 will go a long way in preventing freckles, peeling, and premature wrinkles.

Avoid a raccoon eyed sunburn from your sunglasses and wear SPF!

A light layer of SPF coverage on your face should be a part of your daily skin care routine, especially if you’re going to be outside for a lengthy amount of time. But remembering to slather on some sunscreen every day can become a real chore. That’s why we recommend SPF-infused foundations, so you can easily combine sun protection with your usual makeup routine!

Click here to see Byrdie’s list of the best liquid and powder foundations with SPF!

Protect Your Nails

Spray tanning and sunbeds can have the unfortunate side effect of ruining a good manicure. But with a few simple tricks, you can completely avoid discolored nails!

Apply Nail Polish – Before you step into a spray tan booth, apply a layer of nail polish to protect your nails against spray tanning solution. Any kind of nail polish will work - even a clear coat will do the trick! If you already have a manicure, then don’t worry about it!

The spray tanning solution only works with the amino acids in your skin, so it won’t even stain a light nail color or french tips!

Use Petroleum Jelly – Don’t have time to paint your nails? Dabbing a bit of petroleum jelly before your session will also protect your nails from spray tanning solution. You can also apply a layer between your fingers to prevent unnaturally tan palms.

UV Protection Nail Polish – Acrylic nails tend to yellow in tanning beds, which means they have to be protected beforehand. We recommend using a clear coat of UV protective varnish over your nails to prevent discoloration.

Nail Savers – You can also use nail savers, which are small fingernail covers that are specifically designed to protect your nails from UV exposure.

Finding the Right Lipstick Shade

Experts recommend the use of products to protect the thin skin of your lips in a tanning booth. We usually recommend SPF-infused lip balm, but SPF lipsticks are a trendy alternative! According to Lip Source, women surveyed in a 2010 poll showed that 40% owned more than 20 kinds of lipsticks! Finding just the right shade of lipstick to compliment your skin tone can involve lot of trial and error. That’s why we’re here to make it simple!

Pic Source

There are many different color combinations, but for people who frequent tanning beds, lighter sun-kissed skin works best with pastels, nudes and corals. If you have a darker bronzed skin tone, you should try a complimentary dark shade or a bold berry color.

For your next tanning session, show off your gorgeous new color at your favorite tanning salon!


Be on the lookout for more of our simple beauty tricks in Part II! Drop by our salon at 4500 Rogers Ave or make an appointment by calling (479) 785-1185. Keep up with updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


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Spray tanning has become one of the most popular ways to get gorgeously bronzed skin. And why wouldn’t it be? At Tan Unqiue, our VersaSpa Pro tanning booth offers ten-minute gentle misting sessions in an air conditioned booth with customizable color options and simple voice commands. Spray tanning is a great alternative to sunbathing in the harsh summer weather, or even finding the time to use a tanning bed multiple sessions a week. 

However, the last days of summer are upon us and it won’t be long before we’ll be exchanging shorts and tank tops for sweaters and scarves. If you wanted to take advantage of the milder weather of early Fall, and soak up some sunshine while you still can, spray tanners may be asking themselves this question: Can I still tan through a spray tan? The answer is yes! Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for your spray tan to fade or remove it altogether to transition into a natural tan.

Here’s how it works:

How Faux Tanning Solution Works

The active ingredient in most spray tan solutions is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which reacts with the top layer of your skin to deepen your color to a darker shade. Exfoliation usually takes off the top layer of dead skin cells, which is why spray tans need to be renewed every week or so. 

A really good faux tan can be tough to find. Cheap chemicals are usually to blame for the orange-tinged color that has given spray tanning a bad rep in the past. Tan Unique’s VersaSpa Pro uses strictly organic-based ingredients designed to work with the natural amino acids in your skin. This produces a bronzing effect that causes your natural skin tone to deepen into a darker shade.

Blending Faux Tan with a Real Tan

Getting a spray tan prior to going out sunbathing is an excellent idea. Starting out your new tanning routine with already beautiful bronzed skin is an easy confidence builder. It’ll also help you pace yourself, so you won’t feel the need to tan quite as fast and potentially harm your skin in the process. 

Just remember, your spray tan does not act as a barrier between your skin and overexposure from the sun. Make sure to use plenty of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 or 30 when trying to attain a natural golden glow. We recommend waiting to properly exfoliate until three days after your spray tan to encourage an even fade of your old spray tan into your newer, natural glow.

Pro Tip: Bottled faux tan can be especially useful for getting rid of unsightly tan lines. Just coat the pale lines with self-tanning product and make sure to blend it into the surrounding tanned area. Make sure to use the product very sparingly at first, and wait a few hours for the color to deepen before applying any more color.


Remember, our highly trained staff is here to help you achieve your perfect tan safely. Feel free to ask us about any aspect of your tanning routine! Call us at (479) 785-1185 or stop by our salon today at 4500 Rogers Ave. Walk-ins are welcome!

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At Tan Unique, we want to help you maintain that sexy summer glow! Before you head over to your tanning session we thought we’d share some tips on how to get the most out of your experience. Maximize your sun-kissed glow by following this simple guide on the do’s and don’ts of tanning.  

Do: Know your skin type. Determining your skin type will let you know how long you can safely tan without burning. To learn more about different skin types make sure to check out our blog about Finding Your Skin Type.

Don’t: Don’t settle for just one type of tanning bed. Tan Unique offers a variety of tanning equipment, including the traditional lay-down beds, stand up bed, and even a VersaSpa spray tan booth with custom controls. We urge our clients to explore what we have to offer and find the best fit for them.

Do: Use indoor tanning lotions! Check out our Guide To Indoor Tanning Lotions to learn about the benefits of different types of lotions and find the right one for you. (Also, anything besides an indoor tanning lotion tends to create an opaque film on the surface of tanning beds, which impedes the effectiveness of the UV lamps.)

Don’t: Don’t use baby oil in place of indoor tanning lotions. Many people use baby oil because it acts as a reflector that attracts and intensifies UV rays. It may produce faster results, but it can also do damage to your skin. Tanning bed lamps already produce concentrated forms of UV rays, and using an amplifier on top of that tends to lead to painful sunburn.

Do: Exfoliate before your tanning session. This removes oil from your skin that blocks up your pores.

Brown sugar scrub is a great gentle exfoliator for your face.

Don’t: Don’t wear makeup to your tanning session! Makeup creates a layer between your skin and the tanning bed UV rays/spray tanning solution. This can lead to an uneven tan.

Do: You should always wear protective eyewear when using a tanning bed. The tinted glass in tanning goggles keeps intense UV rays from damaging your sensitive corneas. Tan Unique provides our guests with a complimentary pair of tanning googles for safety and convenience.

Don’t: Don’t think you can replace tanning goggles with a towel or folded T-shirt. UV rays easily filter through cloth.

You should even use tanning goggles when sunbathing. Don’t be a victim of raccoon-eyed tan lines!

Do: Make sure to shave before your tanning session, in order to reduce the number of times you’ll shave in between sessions. Every time we shave, we remove a little bit more of the tanned surface layer of dead skin cells revealing the paler, new skin beneath.  

Don’t: If you used any kind of bronzing lotion, we recommend that you don’t immediately shower after a tanning session. Bronzers react with the oils in your skin to deepen your natural skin color. It may take 4-6 hours after application for the bronzer to work its magic.

Do: Moisturize! Smoothing on some moisturizer after your tanning session is done will help your dry skin become soft and supple once more.


Do: Check out our tanning specials and membership packages!

Don’t: Don’t wait to give us a call at (479) 785-1185 or stop by our salon at 4500 Rogers Ave. Walk-ins are welcome!

Even with all the benefits of tanning salon equipment, it can still be difficult to get a completely even tan. Some areas of your body are just more resistant to tanning than others. This is especially true for your legs, which can be incredibly inconvenient during the summer. Don’t miss out on the perfect time for sundresses, ladies, or basketball shorts, gentlemen! Here are some tips on how to get and keep gorgeously tanned legs.

Why are my legs harder to tan than the rest of my body?

The simple answer is that the skin on your legs doesn’t produce as much melanin as other parts of your body. Melanin is the pigment in your skin that causes it to darken when exposed to UV rays. So your legs naturally won’t get as dark as other areas of your body that have an abundance of melanin.

However, the tanning industry has long since found some great tricks to get around this.  

Indoor Tanning Lotions

You should always use indoor tanning lotion when using a tanning bed. Not only does it protect your skin, but it ensures your tan will develop darker and last longer. Moisturized skin always tans better than dry, flaky skin. That’s because dry skin reflects UV rays instead of soaking them up, inhibiting your tan.

There are certain types of indoor tanning lotions that are specially designed to give the hard-to-tan areas of your body a boost.

Using a tan accelerator will keep your skin extra moisturized and help your legs retain color longer. You could even apply bronzer to your legs to encourage them to develop a darker color.  

Bad blood circulation can also cause uneven tanning. When the melanin in your skin is exposed to UV rays it causes your pigment to oxidize and darken. Lack of circulation can impede this oxidization process, which is why professional dermatologists caution against wearing tight pants or shoes that constrict blood flow. Using a tingle or hot action lotion can help bad circulation, as they’re designed to increase blood flow to your skin.

Check out our Guide To Indoor Tanning Lotions for more information on what these indoor lotions can do for you.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a great way to have more control over your tan. Our VersaSpa Pro spray tan booth even has a customizable setting just for your legs or face! If you have trouble tanning in these areas, you can use our VersaSpa’s Height Sensor Technology to pinpoint exactly where to apply additional color boosts.

We recommend shaving or waxing at least 12-24 hours before your spray tanning session. Another reason legs are so hard to tan is simply because when we shave we remove the top layer of dead skin cells (which is good!), but this also causes your skin to shed or lose some of its tan with that top layer, revealing the paler newer skin beneath.

So shaving before you tan will limit the number of times you shave before your next tanning session, extending the color on your legs. However, shaving too soon will leave your pores open during the session and when they close they could leave the spray tanning solution trapped underneath, creating dark brown dots along your legs.


Self-tanning lotions are another great way to have absolute control over your tan. You can add as much or as little product as you need to ensure your hard-to-tan areas are just as dark as the rest of you.

However, it’s fairly common for your legs to lose color faster when you use self-tanning products. This is because the skin on your shins and calves are thinner and so the fake tan doesn’t hold as well.

Byrdie, a celebrity beauty website, recommends that “before applying fake tan, glide a lemon across your lower legs. The low pH of the fruit helps the DHA (the active ingredient in fake tan) to develop the color quicker and more effectively.”

Come by our salon to check out our selection of top of the line self-tanning products!


Get great legs this summer! Call us today at (479) 785-1185 or stop by our salon at 4500 Rogers Ave. Walk-ins are welcome! Make sure to keep up with our Facebook and Twitter pages for new updates!

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We’ve all heard about the incredible benefits of a little sunshine. In fact, during the spring and summer months, experts recommend at least 10-20 minutes of daily sunlight exposure for our required dose of vitamin D. We’ve heard of the health benefits and seen how tanning leaves behind gorgeous, sun-kissed skin. But will it actually help you lose weight?

The answer is yes, it absolutely will. And here’s why:


We were made to bathe in the sunlight! It’s been proven that depression rates skyrocket in the Fall and Winter months, most especially in areas with a regular lack of sun. However, according to The Seattle Times, light deprivation could lead to more than just depression. They state:

“Dreary winters are infamous for inducing depression. But being starved for sunlight can do more than kick you into a psychic hole. A growing body of evidence suggests it can raise your risk of cancer, increase susceptibility to heart attack, diabetes and other disorders…”

It’s safe to say that a significant lack of the sun’s healing rays can have a pretty negative impact on your body. It’s really a good thing that the opposite is also true!

Regularly exposing your skin to the replenishing light of UV rays has been proven to alter your nitric oxide levels. According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, this dilates your blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure, which reduces your stress levels considerably. Just 15 minutes of sunlight exposure will drastically boost your brain’s production of serotonin and endorphins, helping to combat depression and upping your energy levels.

Say goodbye to stress eating and hello to more energy to be active! How’s that for helping with weight loss?

Eating Healthy

Did you know that certain foods will actually help you tan faster? And it’s just our luck that those same foods also happen to be ridiculously healthy and good for you.

According to The Daily Meal: “Foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash contain high amounts of beta-carotene — a strongly colored red-orange pigment that is converted by the human body into vitamin A. Vitamin A is critical for healthy skin, nails and immune health, and for achieving that summer glow. Not only do these foods speed up your tanning process, but they also decrease your risk of certain cancers, cognitive decline, and heart disease.”

Check out our blog about how to Eat Your Way To A Better Tan to get a list of Superfoods that will keep your skin beautifully sun-kissed and also help you shed a few pounds fast!


Taking the time to do regular workouts can be a drag. But what if we told you a quick 10 minute exercise session before or after a tanning appointment can actually give you a deeper and longer lasting tan?

When you sweat, your pores open up, which makes your skin more receptive to the indoor tanning lotions or self-tanners that work with the natural oils in your skin. Increased blood flow and a boost in oxygen levels throughout your skin causes your body to be more accepting of UV rays, even with places that are harder to tan like your legs. Sweating also gets rid of toxins and clogged pores, leaving you with a smoother and brighter complexion!

When it comes to tanning, a little exercise goes a long way. Boost your confidence levels by getting in shape while leaving your skin smooth and gorgeously bronzed!


At Tan Unique, we want our customers to be happy and healthy! Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of a little more sun in your life. Call us today at (479) 785-1185 or stop by our salon at 4500 Rogers Ave.

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Men everywhere are discovering the benefits of tanning indoors. In a recent study, TIME Health found that an estimated 1.9 million men in the U.S. use tanning beds, the majority being teens and college students. Although, they noted a 177% increase in tanning bed usage among men between ages 40 to 49 and 71% higher among men 50 and up.

More and more men are looking for the easiest way to get that gorgeous bronze look. At Tan Unique, we have the answers!

First Timers

First time visiting a tanning salon? No problem! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with everything you need to get that perfect golden look. If you’re not sure how long your tanning sessions should be, our employees can recommend the best possible tanning regimen for your skin type.

Avoid tan lines! Tanning beds allow you to have absolute control of your UV exposure, ensuring the safest and most even tan.

Check out our SHORT GUIDE TO INDOOR TANNING LOTIONS for a thorough background in the different kinds of tanning lotions. Most tanning lotions are designed for men and women, but there are some brands exclusively for men.

Also, make sure to take a look at our FAQ’s on TANNING BEDS and SPRAY TANNING.

Work It

There’s a reason the expression goes: “Tall, Dark, and Handsome.” The deep bronzed look is iconic.

Spending hours at the gym, getting the perfect haircut, buying a dozen different brands of acne cream – when it comes down to it, a tan is probably the easiest thing to do when you’re trying to make yourself appear more attractive.

And it works! Studies show that women respond more to men with a healthy golden skin color. Tanning accentuates your muscles and makes your teeth appear whiter, for a glowing smile.

Save Time

We know you guys are used to just rolling out of bed and looking that good. Well, the best thing about going to a tanning salon instead of sunbathing outdoors is the perfectly golden tan you get in a fraction of the time! Tanning sessions usually last less than 15 minutes, and then you’re left in a cooly air conditioned room feeling refreshed and relaxed instead of sunburned and uncomfortably hot in the scorching summer heat.

Our VersaSpa spray tan booth offers the ideal tan in as little as one 10-minute session, with four customizable options (Glow, Light, Medium or Dark).

James, one of our regulars, had this to say about it: “I got the spray tan for my trip to Las Vegas over spring break. Wow! I followed the owners advice and it was the best tan I have ever had! Very uniform!!! Also, I needed to look good the entire week in Vegas, and without exception each day I was there it never faded! Even though I showered every day the color remained consistent. Thank you Richard and Kristy!!! I will be back! And I promise to tell everyone about your exceptional service!” (26 April 2016)

Unique Boutique – Not Just for Girls

Our Unique Boutique offers a wide variety of merchandise! Gentlemen, don’t be intimidated by the rows of jewelry, dresses, and shoes you see at first glance. We have lots of different things that may interest you. Such as our selection of tasty Wind & Willow mixes, available for purchase in our boutique!

Unique Boutique is a proud retailer of Wind & Willow food products, which are mixes and recipes for mouthwatering appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Get instant seasoning by sprinkling the Savory Cheeseball Mix packet on your chicken or steak and/or add a Cheesy Bacon Dip Mix in with your mashed potatoes or mac & cheese for bacon-y flavored goodness. Wind & Willow mixes are simple and delicious. Make sure to grab yours when you stop by the salon!


Tan Unique offers a friendly and easygoing atmosphere for all our clientele. Visit our Facebook or Twitter pages for updates and more! Call us today at (479) 785-1185 or stop by our salon at 4500 Rogers Ave. Casual walk-ins are welcome.

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Smart Tan

Is your tanning salon Smart Tan® certified? Smart Tan® is an international organization that is dedicated to helping others maximize the benefits of sunlight while minimizing the risks of either too much or too little sun exposure. Smart Tan® member salons offer the best professional indoor tanning services in North America.

Tan Unique is proud to be a certified Smart Tan® salon! We offer the latest in tanning technology, from equipment to skin care, and all our employees are experienced professionals that are kept up-to-date on all the major advancements in the tanning community.

We provide a unique and professional tanning experience that can’t be beat! That’s why we’ve been voted Best of the Best by our loyal and satisfied customers for the last three years in a row!  

Here are just a few things Smart Tan® salons have to offer:

Safety First!

A Smart Tan® is the safest tan. If your salon is a certified Smart Tan® member then you can be sure that your beautiful skin is being taking care of. Smart Tan® salon operators offer the best equipment and products with the most knowledgeable employees.

At Tan Unique, we’re dedicated to the health and safety of all our customers. That’s why we offer complementary tanning goggles and towels with every tanning session! You should always wear eye protection when using a tanning bed to keep harsh UV light away from your corneas.

Our employees are all equipped with the latest safety regulations, but that’s not all! Feel free to ask our friendly staff for some great tanning advice and benefit from their years of experience.


Determining skin type is the first step to preventing burns due to overexposure. Smart Tan® certified employees assist clients in creating a customized program that drastically reduces the risks related to overexposure.

“Teaching your clients skin type information is more important than ever,” Smart Tan® Vice President Joseph Levy said. “We’re teaching sunburn prevention more effectively than anyone in the world. Skin Typing is the engine behind that.”

To learn more about this process, read our blog about Finding Your Skin Type.

Healthy Environment

Smart Tanning® is all about keeping your skin radiant and healthy. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Smart Tan® salons go above and beyond to bring you a clean and peaceful environment to relax and let your endorphins flow.

A sanitary environment is the best environment! A Smart Tan® salon has all their equipment regularly sanitized, to ensure every new customer gets a safe tanning experience. At Tan Unique we carefully clean and sanitize our tanning rooms with a professional-grade disinfectant after every use.

You should choose a salon that’s as unique as your skin! Check out the professional-grade services a Smart Tan® certified salon can offer by calling us at (479) 785-1185 or stopping by 4500 Rogers Ave today!

And don’t forget that nominations for the 2017 Best of the Best contest have already begun! The nomination round is from June 25 - July 13. Nominate your pick for the best of our area’s businesses and enter for the chance to win $250!

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Ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of your tanning salon? With the amount of time and money you spend on that perfect sun-kissed look you should never doubt that your salon is less than the best! Tan Unique has been voted the Best of the Best for the last two years in a row. Our customers never doubt that we offer the best service for their skin and their wallet!

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out why we’re Fort Smith’s top choice for tanning:

Variety in Equipment and Tanning Packages

Everybody has different needs when it comes to their skin care, so you should always go with a tanning salon that has a variety of options to choose from. Customers are happier with a tanning salon that offers a wide selection of equipment and tanning packages. This makes it easier to find the one that works best for you!

Why try just one way of doing things when you can try them all? At Tan Unique, we use state-of-the-art tanning equipment in all shapes and sizes! We have the traditional lay-down beds, stand-up beds, even high pressure beds with advanced deep tanning technology, and a spray tan booth with customizable settings!

Need a tan pronto? Our new UltraSun High Pressure 25000 can have you tanned to perfection in as little as 3 sessions! Don’t have any time to waste? Our VersaSpa Pro Spray Tan Booth offers four tanning color levels to choose from (Glow, Light, Medium or Dark) and can have you in and out in as little as ten minutes.

And the best part? You can get access to our advanced tanning equipment at a bargain price! Take a look at the variety of tanning packages Tan Unique offers year-round on our Specials page. Your beautiful bronze skin and wallet will absolutely thank you.

Quality Skin Care Products

New advances in skin care products make achieving a year-round glow easy! Tan Unique offers professional skin care products that are guaranteed to leave your skin looking radiant and beautiful.

Our shelves are always stocked with quality tanning lotions that go perfectly with our tanning beds. We also offer a variety of hand, face, and body lotions and moisturizers that cause your skin to be silky smooth without the oily residue.


Click here to check out our VersaSpa self-tanning products! Choosing the best self-tanners can be a tricky business. You don’t want to be presented with a selection of generic options that turn your skin orange and stain your palms. Professional self-tanners use organic ingredients that work with the natural oils in your skin to deepen your skin tone to your ideal shade!

One Stop Shop

At Tan Unique, we understand that people are busy. That’s why we’ve expanded our business to include a wide selection of merchandise!

The Unique Boutique has everything you need in one place! Kill time before your tanning session by browsing the trendy styles and eye-catching accessories our boutique has to offer. How many other tanning salons are your one-stop shop to a fabulous new look?

Boutique items include:

  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Purses
  • Designer scarves
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Appetizer/soup mixes
  • Scented candles
  • And much more!

Why settle for less than the best? Stop by and visit Fort Smith’s favorite tanning salon today! Call Tan Unique at 479-785-1185 to set up an appointment or just drop in at any time. We have everything you need to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Remember, nominations for the 2017 Best of the Best contest starts June 25th! Help make Tan Unique a contender for the third year in a row!

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