The summer sun blazes down fiercely during July and August. Beaches, lakes, pools, and water parks teem with visitors of all ages during the summer. Spending days in the sun is a glorious pastime, but if not protected, can be damaging to your skin. We’re all unique, and our skin is no different. Be sure to protect your skin with the proper sunscreen. Not only must you select the right sunscreen for the amount of exposure you’ll have, but for your skin type as well.

What do we mean by exposure? Well, are you going out in the sun for fifteen minutes or less? Those rays can still be harmful. Any exposure is still just that—exposure. Choose a sunscreen that is SPF 15. This protects you from all the rays, UVA and UVB.

Most us, especially in summer, are outside for longer periods of time. This calls for a much stronger sunscreen: SPF 30 or higher. This category filters out more of the harmful rays, but apply the sunscreen generously, giving it time to dry. Most people only apply a thin layer, not getting the full SPF protection,  and they still burn.

But before you take that higher SPF to the checkout counter, check out the labels.


For skin types with more oil, or more acne prone, stay away from creams. The label will describe the lotion, and if you can find a gel formula, try it instead. The sun is healing to some effects of acne, and gels usually have some alcohol in them, which can actually help dry out skin. This can be good for those fighting oily skin.

Some sunscreens won’t have PABA and oxybenzone, which is good for those with allergies. Stay away from formulas containing alcohol, too. Unlike those needing the effects of the alcohol, people with allergy-prone skin don’t need the irritation of the ingredient.


What’s good for oily types is not good for those with dry skin. Gels will make dry skin worse. Look for lotions and creams if you struggle with dry skin. Some products will be more moisturizing and nourishing—choose these.


Fairer skinned folks need to be extra careful in the sun. An SPF category of 30 just won’t do. Look for above 30, remember to apply liberally, and often.


Darker toned skin still needs protection from damaging rays, even if you don’t burn. Look for a sunscreen of SPF 15 and up. Be sure to apply wisely and often.


Skin that is aging is the perfect candidate for that can of spray sunscreen. Be sure to take in the other conditions as well, and look for “chemical” and “physical” formulas.

Don’t grab just any bottle of sunscreen as you enjoy your summer fun! Protect your skin, and your tan, from the effects of damaging rays! Choose the right sunscreen for your skin! And work on that tan with us at Tan Unique! Come see why we are the cleanest beach in town!

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