We hear about vitamin D in news reports, commercials, and now, concerning tanning. What exactly is this vitamin and why is it all the rage? Vitamin D is part of what makes our bones strong. When we are young and invincible, this doesn’t seem too important, but as we age it gets real.  You need strong bones, and your diet alone does not help provide the amount of vitamin D you need in order to keep your bones strong.

Supplements are a key way to get the vitamin D into your system that will contribute to healthy bones. Doctors can help you decide on exactly which type of supplement is processed correctly so your body is building strength, but they will also tell you that exposure to sunlight is another excellent way to provide your body with this vitamin.

Depending on how far you are from the equator, it might take longer than you think to get the amount of vitamin D you need. In some locations you’d need hours to acquire the right amount of sunlight your body daily needs. How can you be sure to absorb your daily dose of those UV rays? One solution is tanning. As with any time exposed to rays, you must be wise with your exposure. Be conscious of your skin type, but a trip to the tanning salon is a good way to get your “sunshine vitamin” or vitamin D.

Eat healthy, take your supplements, and get those much-needed rays! It’s easier to spend time in the sun during the warmer months but consider tanning! Keep your spirits lifted, maintain your glow, and get some vitamin D! We have products to match your needs, and helpful attendants to make sure you tan safely and effectively so you can get all the benefits you deserve!

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