The other element of tanning that I hadn’t considered revolves around skincare. When tanning, it is important do two things: exfoliate and moisturize. I mean, we all do this to some extent in the shower, but to get the most out of your tanning, exfoliating beforehand and moisturizing afterwards is key. Exfoliating loosens and gets rid of the dead skin cells that would hold your tan but would soon be removed from your skin, causing your tan to fade far more quickly than it should. Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy, which is essential for optimal tanning -- and it just looks good.


Before tanning, remember to shower, shave, and exfoliate. If you have events, get your mani/pedi done first. You don’t want any exfoliating during your pampering to take off a layer of you tan. After your session in the VersaSpa booth, you can use products to maximize your tanning experience.


The VersaSpa Primer can intensify and develop your tan. At Tan Unique, some of the biggest sellers are VersaSpa products. The VersaSpa Body Wash and Exfoliator sells regularly. I asked why, and the young lady attending the front desk and the tanning beds answered that it has to do with keeping the tan on the skin. She explained that people buy cheaper products or other brands that have chemicals or ingredients in them which inhibit the tan from staying on during application. It is similar to going in to the booth with lotion on -- the tan cannot adhere because something is acting as a barrier between skin and spray. One customer's body wash caused this very reaction; VersaSpa has specific natural ingredients that nurture the tan and help it develop. These ingredients balance the pH and enhance the tan.


Before my VersaSpa tan, I had no real idea how any of the products worked, or how unique the VersaSpa booth and its formula are compared with other, less natural tanning booths or sprays. I received a great many compliments on my tan, and also how natural the color looked. I recommend the VersaSpa experience -- booth and products. Specifically, if you are looking to invest in a VersaSpa tan once or twice a week, invest in the Intensifying Primer and the Cleansing Body Wash & Exfoliator. There are other amazing products, but these two are pretty essential for achieving your maximum results. 

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