I’m from the old school generation of girls who tanned outside in their backyards, or bought the bottle of self tanning lotion from the supermarket. We put lemon juice in our hair and brought out the bulky CD players of our time to listen to Mariah Carey and look through magazines, while we basked in the full sun after school and on weekends in spring. I never even thought about sunless tanning booths or spray-on tan until I began blogging for Tan Unique. Here’s my experience in a VersaSpa sunless tanning booth.

The first thing I’d like to point out is that everyone was extremely kind and thoughtful about my questions. I didn’t take notes, I’m such a nerd, but now I wish I had: Be sure to shower beforehand. Don’t wear makeup. Don’t wear lotion. I remembered those steps. What I didn’t remember was to wear loose-fitting clothing. I wore a beanie, skinny jeans, and a sweater -- not appropriate for sunless tanning. I couldn’t do anything about my attire, but the other aspect I’d forgotten was to put lotion on my hands before stepping into the booth. Fortunately, the attendant at the desk reminded me. The booth warmed up, I applied the lotion to my hands, hair net was secured (but not over my ears or forehead), and I stepped into the VersaSpa to begin my automated session. Like some sci-fi movie, the booth began telling me step-by-step how to proceed. Though odd, I appreciated it, because I was a little nervous. My posture had to be a certain way, my eyes needed to be closed, and so the awkwardness of being prompted to turn around, or move my feet, was a relief. The spray was a little weird, but it wasn’t cold. The warm drying process actually felt nice. It didn’t take long, and the overall effect looks natural.

For me, there was one wild card: the bronzer.

Let me reiterate, everyone was helpful and thorough in explanations and options. This bronzer issue was just a misunderstanding. When asked, I selected the bronzer, instead of the clear spray, specifically so I could discuss the options in the blog. I’m so glad I did.

 My face looked like I’d rolled in mud or hadn’t fully washed off a volcanic ash mask. Or something. I panicked. I dressed myself, headed to the front, and asked, “What did I do wrong?”

 “Nothing. That’s the bronzer -- so you leave with color. It’s perfectly normal.”

 But I still had to teach. High school. The moral of the story is: don’t select the bronzer effect if you have a full day ahead of you. Go to tan at night: sleep, shower, and enjoy your new tan.

I absolutely recommend the spray tan. It’s quick, easy to understand, and if you don’t panic about a little bronzer, a completely fun experience. The tan is lovely, and it looks natural, too. I had several students run to the salon that evening because the overall tan was impressive and they had prom in a few days.

 Stick around for the next blog, because I’ll discuss the products you can buy for your VersaSpa tan. Book an appointment with Tan Unique.  It really is the cleanest beach in town.





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