DIY scrubs and lotions are fun, and they can help you feel like a thrifty goddess. Your tan will last longer and your skin will thank you for all that pampering when you regularly exfoliate and moisturize. But Tan Unique has got your back, too. The VersaSpa sunless tanning offered at our salon will have you feeling like a green goddess (go from thrifty to green)! The pre-tanning and post-tanning treatments provide you skin with aloe, DHA, soy proteins, and soothing botanicals. Plants aren’t just easy on the eyes, they also nourish your skin!

Hydrated, healthy skin is essential for getting the most out of your sunless tanning. The pH balancing skin prep treatment in the VersaSpa uses a blend of green tea extracts and amino acids. These ingredients balance and condition skin, which will give that even tan you desire. Selecting the treatment isn’t difficult, either. You choose your glow. Technology is amazing, and our booth talks you through your options while providing visual instructions. Customize your tan and experience with four different tanning levels, plus your nourishing treatments. All skin types welcome.

After you step into our warm booth and select your first two treatments, the final step is your post-tanning! VersaSpa offers a super hydrating treatment blend of skin soothing botanicals, soy proteins, green tea extracts and other professional-grade ingredients. It diminishes fine lines and deepens the beautiful color of your sunless tan. Seal in that moisture and keep your tan lasting longer!

We strive to provide a relaxing experience. Did your heated, specialized treatment remind you of a spa? Perfect. Do you feel pampered, your skin rejuvenated, and your glow restored? Excellent. This is why we’re the cleanest beach in town! Book your next appointment! Treat your skin to the best! Call us @ 479-785-1185!

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