Have you noticed that there has been a rise in non-surgical body sculpting options recently? Did you know that Tan Unique offers body sculpting in addition to all those great tanning options? To help you with those pesky problem areas that just don’t seem to go away even when you eat right and exercise, Tan Unique offers truSculpt® 3D. This amazing sculpting device will decrease the circumference and diminish unwanted pockets of fat to reveal the new body you have been working so hard to get. The best part about this option is that this is no surgery; therefore, no downtime.

“How can this be?” you may ask. truSculpt® 3D is a new, nonsurgical radio frequency device that is designed to sculpt and contour the body. The Monopolar RF system is designed to deliver Targeted, Repeatable and Uniform (tru) sculpting of problem areas. There is an average of 24% fat reduction. Since the procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, patients tell us that it feels like a hot stone massage. The provider will gently glide the hand piece over the treatment area and the temperature of the skin will rise, but should remain comfortable throughout the entire treatment. There is no downtime allowing you to resume your normal activities right after the treatment. There may be some tenderness in the treatment area, but that will go away within a day or two.

The best part about this sculpting system is that you will see results just 6-12 weeks after treatment! Your body immediately starts to break down and flush out the remnants of the treated fat cells, beginning the reduction in the treated area’s circumference. Of course, everyone is different, but on average, most people see noticeable results six to eight weeks after one treatment.

The average treatment will take about one hour. A one-hour session will treat the abdomen and both love handles.

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