There’s toning, for which we have specific lotions and techniques, and there’s toning. A tan looks good on any body, but every body benefits from keeping those muscles strong. Keeping your muscles strong helps you burn calories, and gives you more confidence to wear your new sundress and show off your tan! 

 Most people have the clock working against them. Fitting in gym time is a challenge, but strength training is just as important as cardio. We read up on some exercises you can quickly do from home. YouTube is magic, and we even found short videos to help you target certain areas while making it easier for you to watch your clock.


This video uses your own weight and momentum to build strength in your arms. Spoiler: These moves will also impact your waist and core.

 This video targets areas by showing you how weights you can easily store in your home can be used to tone your arms.



Pilates definitely strengthens the core. Here’s a section from a workout with moves that seem fairly easy, but will have you feeling your core the next morning!



Feel the burn. Lunges and squats will never die, but the kettlebell is making its own mark. Here’s a good routine using the newest sensation.

 Those inner thighs, man. But here are a few good ways to strengthen that challenging area.

 You can tone and sculpt further, and don’t neglect those glutes, but these can you get you started. They also help you section off workout times in the comfort of your home. Five minutes in the morning, ten at night, and you are building strength and toning your body. Keep your confidence up, take care of yourself, and keep that tan glowing! Come see us at Tan Unique! We’re the cleanest beach in town!

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