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At Tan Unique, we want to help you maintain that sexy summer glow! Before you head over to your tanning session we thought we’d share some tips on how to get the most out of your experience. Maximize your sun-kissed glow by following this simple guide on the do’s and don’ts of tanning.  

Do: Know your skin type. Determining your skin type will let you know how long you can safely tan without burning. To learn more about different skin types make sure to check out our blog about Finding Your Skin Type.

Don’t: Don’t settle for just one type of tanning bed. Tan Unique offers a variety of tanning equipment, including the traditional lay-down beds, stand up bed, and even a VersaSpa spray tan booth with custom controls. We urge our clients to explore what we have to offer and find the best fit for them.

Do: Use indoor tanning lotions! Check out our Guide To Indoor Tanning Lotions to learn about the benefits of different types of lotions and find the right one for you. (Also, anything besides an indoor tanning lotion tends to create an opaque film on the surface of tanning beds, which impedes the effectiveness of the UV lamps.)

Don’t: Don’t use baby oil in place of indoor tanning lotions. Many people use baby oil because it acts as a reflector that attracts and intensifies UV rays. It may produce faster results, but it can also do damage to your skin. Tanning bed lamps already produce concentrated forms of UV rays, and using an amplifier on top of that tends to lead to painful sunburn.

Do: Exfoliate before your tanning session. This removes oil from your skin that blocks up your pores.

Brown sugar scrub is a great gentle exfoliator for your face.

Don’t: Don’t wear makeup to your tanning session! Makeup creates a layer between your skin and the tanning bed UV rays/spray tanning solution. This can lead to an uneven tan.

Do: You should always wear protective eyewear when using a tanning bed. The tinted glass in tanning goggles keeps intense UV rays from damaging your sensitive corneas. Tan Unique provides our guests with a complimentary pair of tanning googles for safety and convenience.

Don’t: Don’t think you can replace tanning goggles with a towel or folded T-shirt. UV rays easily filter through cloth.

You should even use tanning goggles when sunbathing. Don’t be a victim of raccoon-eyed tan lines!

Do: Make sure to shave before your tanning session, in order to reduce the number of times you’ll shave in between sessions. Every time we shave, we remove a little bit more of the tanned surface layer of dead skin cells revealing the paler, new skin beneath.  

Don’t: If you used any kind of bronzing lotion, we recommend that you don’t immediately shower after a tanning session. Bronzers react with the oils in your skin to deepen your natural skin color. It may take 4-6 hours after application for the bronzer to work its magic.

Do: Moisturize! Smoothing on some moisturizer after your tanning session is done will help your dry skin become soft and supple once more.


Do: Check out our tanning specials and membership packages!

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