You finally got that tattoo you have been wanting. What about tanning?  It is best to take some time off from tanning until it is healed completely. If you tan too soon it can cause your tattoo to take longer to heal or worse—damage it. It can also cause the color life to fade faster.

There are precautions you can take to protect your tattoo that will help to limit fading AFTER your tattoo has healed. Important: Always follow the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist.

Opt for a spray tan. There are many great options for spray tanning like VersaSpa Pro. This heated sunless spa series spray tan booth delivers a true professional custom airbrush tan all in the privacy of a spray booth. The results are always consistent and flawless. You can choose from four sunless tanning color levels—Glow, Light, Medium or Dark. An added bonus is that you can add Post-sunless Super Hydrating Moisturizer to keep your new tat moisturized.

Apply sunscreen. Simply use a cotton swab to apply the sunscreen. An SPF of 30 or higher is recommended. Talk to a Tan Unique specialist about products offered in store for tattoos. Remember that it is important to make sure that your tattoo is completely healed before applying sunscreen to it.

Cover it. Another option is to cover your tattoo. Cover with a piece of cloth and secure with medical tape. Helpful hint: Cut the cloth the same shape as your tattoo to tan as much of your non-tatted skin as possible.

Watch exposure time. Burning the skin damages the tattoo more than a slow and gradual tan. Indoor tanning gives you complete control over the exposure times.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Every time you finish tanning or exposed to natural sun, you need to keep your tattoo moisturized. Ask your tattoo artist for recommendations as to the type of lotion that works best.


Always follow the healed tattoo rule. It is imperative that you wait until your tattoo is completely healed before exposing it to UV or getting a spray tan.

It is always a good idea to let your Tan Unique specialist know that you have a new tattoo. He or she will be happy to help you determine the best method to protect your new ink.

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