Summer is well and truly here ladies and gentlemen and it’s time to shine! At Tan Unique our experienced team of staff members are dedicated to making sure you capture that healthy-looking radiance of summertime. And with our extensive lineup of products and wide variety of services we ensure you’ll never have an easier time of it.

Here at Tan Unique we’re committed to providing our clients with the glowing, sun-kissed complexion you deserve without the hazards of enduring the oppressive summer heat. Record highs in temperature persist as we continue headlong into the season that proves the most challenging on unprotected skin.

While regulated sunbathing can be beneficial, it also includes some unavoidable guesswork when working toward capturing that perfect tan. Unpredictable summer heat waves can often lead to overexposure and cause discomfort that can have a negative effect on someone’s overall mood.

Too much sun can result in overexposure and damaging sunburn!


Many agree that the typically routine task of sunbathing can become frustrating and altogether unsatisfying in more severe weather. Achieving that beautiful bronze glow of your perfect tan shouldn’t be a hardship and it definitely shouldn’t leave you feeling frustrated with the often hit-and-miss results.

Why not avoid the stress and achieve your ideal tan with the help of trained professionals at Tan Unique?

Our tanning salon provides a relaxing atmosphere and the simple pleasure of easy, stress-free tanning sessions. In fact, research shows that sessions surrounded by the warm-lit glow of UV light promotes relaxation and eases tension in key points of the body. This lack of tension combined with the gentle exposure to UV light stimulates endorphins that are linked to pain relief and promote feelings of euphoria.

Tanning has been proven to enhance an individual’s mood and at Tan Unique we strive to provide a satisfying experience from start to finish. When taking advantage of our recommended tanning regimen you can be sure to get the most out of your tanning sessions while also cutting out the guesswork that can lead to overexposure to harmful outdoor rays. Our friendly staff are eager to supply information and ensure our clients the best possible tanning experience that will leave you feeling revitalized!

Taking advantage of our tanning products and services to capture your perfect summer glow is not an opportunity you want to miss out on! At Tan Unique we strive to provide you with the best deals when seeking a stress-free way of getting amazing results with the minimum amount of effort.

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