Spring Break Essentials

The sun, the beach, the warm air…it’s almost Spring Break! A lot of landlocked folks will be heading south to enjoy a relaxing spring vacation at the beach.

Before you hit the beach check out our previous blog about pre-tanning to avoid spending your vacation miserable in the condo from a sunburn. Now that you’ve got your skin bronzed and beach-ready, check out our favorite spring break essentials:

  • Pack enough sunscreen to reapply every 2 hours that you are outdoors.

  • Sunscreen specific for the face is essential since the skin on your face is very delicate and sensitive to burn. Even if you wear make-up with an SPF, you will need to reapply something every two hours just the same as above. A sunscreen make-up setting spray is a great option since you can simply spray it on your face avoiding a cakey look.

  • Wear a sunhat with a large brim to protect both your scalp and face, especially during the time of day with the greatest UV exposure, which is typically 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Although you will be wearing a great sunhat, it is a good idea to apply a UV filter for your hair to avoid drying or color fading.

  • Sunglasses are a necessity to protect your eyes and avoid those premature crow’s feet around them.

  • Don’t forget your water bottle to stay hydrated from the inside out. Heat and sun alone cause dehydration, but throwing a few alcoholic drinks in there amplifies the dehydration. For more benefits on hydrating your skin from the inside out, check out a past blog. Grab a package of Pedialytes to help replace fluids and minerals that are lost when dehydrated since they are filed with glucose and electrolytes.

Of course, you need all the other essentials like swimsuits, beach towels, comfortable and versatile shoes, waterproof phone bag or case, phone charger, etcetera. Speaking of shoes Tan Unique Boutique has a great flip flop, Telic flip flops.

They are made from an exclusive Novalon material that supports the arches of your feet. The design offers even weight distribution giving you comfort all day. Another special feature about this shoe is that it reacts to your body temperature allowing them to “hug” your feet. You’ll feel like you’re floating above the ground. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Stop into today to get a pair.

 We’ll leave the rest of the packing up to you, but leave behind the worries and stress of everyday life for a few days and enjoy all that spring break has to offer!

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