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VersaPro Spray Tanning Booth

Your first spray tan is an exciting experience. In mere moments, your skin is transformed from fair to a rich cocoa bronze! This transformation isn't magic. In fact, there are many steps you can take to make your first spray tan the best tanning experience of your life! Here are a few tips to help you avoid some of the most embarrassing spray tanning faux pas.

Letting your inner beauty shine!

The first step to a beautiful, rich, streak-free tan is exfoliation. We recommend using a non-oil-based scrub to gently exfoliate head to toe the night before or the morning of your spray tan. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, and ankles as they tend to absorb too much of the solution if not exfoliated properly. You don’t want to moisturize just before your spray tan. If you do have to moisturize before your spray tan, be sure to wash it off before entering the booth. The moisturizer may act as a barrier, blocking the solution from reaching your skin. 

Exfoliation is critical for an even, long lasting Spray Tan!
Exfoliation is critical for an even, long lasting spray tan!

Smooth touchable legs

Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to your tan to give your pores time to close and your skin time to heal. Waxing after a spray tan will remove the tan. Don’t even think about using a chemical hair removal product, unless splotchy tans are your thing. Whatever your hair removal method is, remember you're in it for the long haul and won’t be able to wax until the tan begins to fade. Shaving can be done, but only after your initial shower. Just take it slow and don't get too aggressive. I shave every day with no problem.

Don’t come dressed to impress.

Most tanning solutions wash out, but we cannot guarantee that it won’t stain your clothes. Play it safe and wear dark, loose-fitting clothes that you don’t mind ruining. This goes for undies too. Wear something dark with a loose waistband. Nothing is worse than having a tan streak where your panties and your tan had a disagreement. 

Wear undies with a loose waistband to keep from rubbing the tanning solution off!
Wear undies with a loose waistband to keep from rubbing the tanning solution off! 

Save your nails!

Before starting your tanning session, ask one of our staff members for barrier cream- don't worry it's on the house ;-). We recommend applying a light coat to protect your nails and cuticles from getting stained by the tanning solution. 

With our tanning solution, you don’t have to protect those luscious lips!

Unlike some of the other sunless tanning systems, lip-staining is not an issue with our solution. 

With the Versaspa sunless tanning system, you don't have to worry about lip staining!
With the Versaspa sunless tanning system, you don't have to worry about lip-staining!

Today deodorant is optional!

It's not often we can leave the house without smelling like anything less than roses, but today is one of those days. Go easy on the deodorant or skip it all together the day of your tan. Using too much will create a barrier, leaving you with pale underarms. 


Just like deodorant, your makeup will block your skin from absorbing the tanning solution. It's okay to wear makeup after your solution has set, but you won’t be able to wash it off until after your initial shower. More on that below. 

I'm sprayed, now what? 

Our state of the art spray tan booth will dry you immediately after the solution has been applied. Don’t touch yourself to see if you're sticky, you’ll only get the solution on your hands and potentially cause your tan to develop unevenly. Just FYI, you'll likely be a little tacky for an hour or two after your session. 

If you can get away with it, skip the bra after your spray tan. The straps may rub off the solution before your tan has developed, leaving you with streaks! If you do have to wear a bra, tuck in the straps and wear it on the loosest hook to reduce rubbing. 

Stay away from water for 2-4 hours after your session. Remember you have been coated in a water soluble solution! This means you have to limit your hand washing. Use baby wipes, wet towelettes, or hand sanitizer to keep from prematurely washing off the tanning solution. 

If the solution washes off, it won’t have time to develop!

If you see the water color during your initial shower, don't worry it's just the cosmetic bronzer.

Wait a full 12 hours before your initial shower. If you're really pressed for time you can shower 6-8 hours after, just not too aggressively! Use shower gels and avoid using bar soaps. You want to go easy on your skin, using deep cleansing products will likely remove your brand new tan! While you are showering, you may notice that the water is coloring. Just breathe and don’t panic, this is just the cosmetic bronzer used in the tanning solution to give you that instant cocoa bronze skin. The active ingredients will continue to develop your color. On average this color will stay with you for 4-10 days. If you have to wear your spray tan to bed, wear pants and long sleeves to protect your sheets from the cosmetic bronzer in the tanning solution. Alternatively, 

If you're concerned about getting color getting on your clothes or sheets, we offer a clear solution. It lacks the instant cosmetic bronzer, but it will develop the same beautiful results after a few hours.  

 Don't forget to cover up if you have to wear your Spray Tan to bed.
Don't forget! If you're concerned about getting color getting on your clothes or sheets, we offer a clear solution!

Keeping your Spray Tan looking great!

Remember a spray tan is a "fake" tan. It does not contain SPF! Please remember to apply a product with adequate SPF protection for your skin type if you plan to spend time in the sun. 

Resist the urge for deep exfoliation! a gentle daily exfoliation will help your tan fade evenly. Just be careful not to go too rough or you'll remove the tan altogether. 

Swimming pools and spray tans have a bittersweet relationship. You'll look great taking a dip with your new tan, but the chlorine will begin to remove your tan! If your planning to take a dip, be prepared to lose your tan faster than usual. 

Taking a dip in a chlorine pool will fade your tan faster!
Taking a dip in a chlorine pool will fade your tan faster!

Moisturizing daily is a must! The moisturizer will help keep the skin cells that absorbed the tanning solution healthy, leading to a longer lasting tan! 

Rinse and repeat. 

Once your tan does begin to fade, it is time to repeat the process in preparation for your next spray tan! 

Final note

If you are getting a spray tan for a special event, it’s best to get sprayed a couple of days prior.

We recommend one day before a vacation and two days before a one or two-day event. 

This will give your new tan plenty of time develop and will give you time to get used to your new color.  

Did we miss anything? If you're a spray-tanning pro we'd love to hear your tips and tricks! add a comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ page. 

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