Fall is here and suddenly it’s pumpkin spice everything. Soon there will be rainy days and cozy sweaters to usher in the season. Just because we are on the tail end of the warm summer days doesn’t mean you should do without sun-kissed skin.

There will be plenty of days to wear a cute skirt with booties and a sweater, so you definitely do not want pasty-white legs to sabotage your look. Often times, the beautiful colors of fall clothing can make you look a bit washed out unless you maintain a bit of color. Besides keeping you looking great in your fall fashion, maintaining a tan is good for the soul. Doing something special for yourself can go a long way in your everyday life and relationships. Just taking a few minutes of your day to do a little self-care is proven to have positive benefits.


  • Slowing down and taking a breather helps you re-focus, be more productive and increase your motivation to do so. Productivity and motivation go hand in hand.
  • Taking care of yourself allows you to have more energy to take care of others. When you feel as though you are constantly going from Point A to Point B with no breather in sight, you don’t have the energy to give of yourself to others. Taking a few moments for yourself will allow you to eliminate fatigue and allow you to give of yourself.

  • Self-care allows you to get out of survival mode and into living with purpose mode. You will sleep better because your mind is able to relax. Today’s lifestyles stretch us thinner than ever, so learning how to shift out of survival mode will pay benefits tenfold.
  • Self-care produces positive feelings.

  • When you are not always thinking about your to-do list, you able to having meaningful engagements with others.
  • Taking care of yourself boosts your immune system. Constantly shorting yourself on sleep and relaxation time will lower your immune system and cause you to be more susceptible to illness.
  • Stress from doing too little for yourself can cause headaches and other pains from tense muscles.

Stop thinking of self-care as a selfish luxury and start thinking of it as a necessity. Even the busiest of people can squeeze a few minutes into their daily lives for taking care of themselves.

Let Tan Unique be a part of your self-care routine. You can choose from our variety of tanning bed to spray tans. Start your self-care today.

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