A glittering gown. A gorgeous glow. It’s prom season. Showcase more than fabulous hair and killer shoes; your skin should compliment your ensemble on prom night. Let’s discuss your color choices and your tan:


  • Bold, solid colors like hot pink, orange, and yellow work well with a lighter tan. This is good news for the ladies whose skin does not like to hold a tan. For these colors, and peaches or other warm colors, maintain a subtle tan -- nothing too dark.

  • If the dress you chose for that special evening is green, gold, red, or orange, then staying with a medium dark tone (3 or 4) will best suit your overall look.

  • With spring colors on the racks, you can count on more than a few pastels at prom. These colors are perfect for a bold, dark tan. Perhaps your dress is an emerald green or another jewel tone -- stunning colors against that rich, deep tan.

Still looking for a dress? You can choose exactly how dark you want to go, and shop for an extremely tailored look. Here’s what you are in for:

There are exceptions to the rules, of course, and if you can break the rules and look fantastic, then you are a true artist! Prom is still a few weeks away, but regular visits to the tanning salon are an absolute must to maintaining whatever skin tone best suits your dress. A good idea is to come get a good base tan and then get a spray tan just before prom. Remember, after prom comes summer! The days of baring your arms and legs are only a few weeks away! Stop by or call, and we can help you with a schedule, show you our amazing specials, and you can see why we are the cleanest beach in town!

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