You decide on a great costume for Halloween, you get it home and, uh oh, it doesn’t look like you thought it would. We’re not talking about the fit either, it’s the fact that your fabulous summer tan has faded away as quickly as the number of daylight hours. Unfortunately, gone are the days of spending hours in the sun hoping for that perfect tan. A spray tan is in order to finish off that great Halloween costume.

To get the best spray tan this Halloween, here are few tips:

1) Let a professional like Tan Unique help you choose the right shade for your skin color. Let the experts help you choose the right color so you don’t appear orange or unnaturally dark (because being too dark for your natural skin color is just as scary as being too pale).

2) Before you go to the salon, prep your skin. The spray tan will not settle on your skin well if it is not prepped properly. You should take a shower to rinse off all dead skin, dirt, particles, deodorant, make-up and perfumes, anything that might interfere with the spray tan. The day of your spray tan appointment, use a soft exfoliating cloth or loofah to rid yourself of any dead skin cells. Pay extra attention to your hands, knees, feet and ankles. These areas tend to have a lot of dead skin causing the spray tan to settle and appear darker.

3) Use an oil and fragrance free moisturizer the night before on the driest parts of your body. This will help eliminate dry skin.

4) After your spray tan, use a talc-free baby powder and lightly pat on your body. The powder helps prevent your skin from sweating. You should avoid water for at least six to eight hours after your spray tan.

5) After you are past the initial drying phase, you want to keep your skin moisturized to extend the life of the tan. Pat the skin dry after a shower or bath, do not rub.

5) Get your spray tan a couple of days before the big Halloween party or other event. Do not do it the day of the event. A good spray tan, and doing what is recommended, will last about a week.

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