After my first experience with sunless tanning, I found that much darker skin suited me. I bet it suits you, too. Not only did I receive compliments, but I noticed the color of my hair wasn’t quite as blah as I’d thought. The natural highlights in it seemed to gleam brighter. The coloring was less dark brown and more like a chestnut color. My favorite thing? My eyes. My green eyes were the center of the show with my tan! The darker color made them glow warmly, and I had several comments on my eyes. The dark green was no longer just another contrast to my pale skin; the green set against the deep tone now could be seen. This changed everything about my makeup, and for the first day I was scrambling. I texted my friend and she said, “Warm beige. Just go get a warm beige!” I’d had no idea where to even begin looking for new foundation!


Not only did my foundation color drastically change, but I found the colors in my makeup palettes, like some of the neutrals that were darker and shimmered, worked perfectly with my new coloring. What once would have looked like a weird smudge or bruise, could now be used to highlight and blend, and I was loving it. Yes, the color change was that different. And I was having fun.


For some, buying a new liquid foundation isn’t necessary. You can buy a powder and let your tan do the work! The benefit of a tan is that your skin tone does take on that glow, but it also evens out the tone.  Did purchase a liquid. I do not have the best skin, and the darker shade, the evening of color, did wonders for making the after-effects of blemishes much less dramatic. Confidence boost!


With the confidence boost and a new palette with which to play, I discovered shimmering new neutral eyeshadows, new techniques to highlight my cheekbones, and new colors for my lips. It even gave me the confidence to experiment some with fun eyeliner techniques. I enjoy makeup -- it’s like art. The sunless tan breathed new life into my makeup routine, my wardrobe, and my confidence. I wore colors that normally would wash me out, experimented with neutrals in my makeup in a new way, and enjoyed my hair color for once. Totally worth it.


Book an appointment. You’ll see for yourself how your new glow can freshen up your daily routine, and give you a bit of confidence to try new styles! Come see why Tan Unique is the cleanest beach in town!



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