Although the calendar still says it is August, school is starting and that means the fun-filled days of summer are ending. Just because summer is fading away, doesn’t mean your tan has to. Follow these tips to keep that sun-kissed look throughout the fall and winter.

1) Exfoliate. You can either use an exfoliating scrub or dry brush (for dry brushing advice, see our past blog). Exfoliating helps prepare your skin to receive the best tan possible whether getting a spray tan or tanning in a tanning bed.

2) Moisturize. If your skin is dry and flaky, your tan will not last and what remains, will not be pretty. Moisturizer helps you keep that healthy and youthful glow. There are many products out there and some are more right for you than others. Tan Unique also offers many after-tan products that will help you maintain that beautiful glow.

3) Visit Tan Unique. Choose from many options to best suit your needs:   

  • VersaSpa Pro – Heated Sunless Tanning – This is the newest sunless tanning technology. This spray tan booth offers the same professional custom airbrush tan every time privately. No more feeling uneasy about being exposed in front of a stranger and freezing. This state of the art spray tan booth has heated sensors as well as a consistent, flawless tan. You can choose from four sunless tanning color levels: Glow, Light, Medium or Dark. You can also add services like a pre-sunless pH balancing skin prep treatment, bronzing treatment and a post-sunless super hydrating moisturizing treatment.

  • Tanning beds. Choose from four different beds from UltraSun:
    • High Pressure 25000 gives you a deep tan that lasts longer, in less time in as little as three sessions.
    • Stand-Up beds
    • Powerhouse 6000 will give you a beautiful tan in as few as three to five sessions.
    • UltraSun 4000

4) Before you tan. If you go the tanning bed route, during your session use lip balm to keep your lips from burning and apply tanning lotion immediately before your session (never use outdoor tanning lotion or oils), and, of course, wear protective eyewear.

5) Stay hydrated. If you are dehydrated, your skin quickly shows it by having an ashy appearance and flaking. Drink lots of water. A general rule of thumb is to drink as many ounces a day as half your body weight. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, you should drink 60 ounces of water a day.

Come in today to talk about what is the best for you to make your summer tan last all year. There are various pricing levels to choose from for every budget.

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