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We’ve all been there. Tan lines are as easy to get as they are frustrating to loose.

Whether your lines are thin tank top tracks or a glorified farmer’s tan, it usually ends the same way: they’re embarrassingly noticeable and you have to go out of your way to cover them up.


The good news is, most of us can get away with just making a few minor adjustments to our wardrobe and presto! No more visible tan lines! We’re just careful to choose a particular cut to a shirt or avoid certain shorts…or pass up that amazing swimsuit on sale just because its style is too different from our old one and reveals too much mismatched skin. Yeah, not bad, but not a perfect system either. Not to mention those times when showing off pasty tan lines are inevitable. But who wants to spend their time worrying about unsightly tan lines during weddings, parties, or even date night? We sure don’t! Which is why we’re sharing some fool-proof methods for getting rid of annoying tan lines and making way for beautiful, even-toned skin.


If you want to get rid of tan lines fast, self-tanning lotions are the way to go! Simply apply the lotion directly onto the pale areas of your skin, according to the directions. Usually, you’ll see results within just a few hours! Repeat the process after an appropriate waiting period if certain areas need to be darkened more fully.

Tan Unique offers a variety of self-tanning lotions and moisturizers!

Self-tanning lotions can be lifesavers, especially for those pesky tan lines created by your sunglasses! However, make sure to get a tanning lotion specifically tailored for facial use. The chemicals used in regular body lotions could have a detrimental effect on the more fragile skin of your face. Dab the lotion in a thin layer around the eyes and gently smooth into the skin for best results.


Exfoliation is an essential part of any beauty routine. Invigorating your skin, especially the areas surrounding your tan line, will help you speed up the fading process and camouflage any lines. Stock up on body exfoliants and lather up in the shower for smooth, hydrated skin. We’ve found body scrubs to be especially useful!

If you would rather use natural exfoliants: lemon juice, cucumbers, and black tea are excellent for fading tan lines. Check out these all-natural techniques, with step-by-step instructions, on StyleCaster!

Moisturizing will also help the process of attaining a smooth, even color. Baby oil is especially good for fighting against impurities! When working on getting rid of your tan lines, we recommend lotion that contains AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) which is proven to shed dead skin cells and will do nicely for fading tan lines.


And finally, the one surefire way to get rid of unsightly tan lines? Hello, go to a tanning salon!

Tanning salons provide you with complete control over your amount of UV exposure, ensuring quality color and healthy-looking skin. Tan Unique offers only the best in tanning technology to fit your needs, with the latest skin care products on the market.

Spray tan booths are excellent for eliminating tan lines!

Say goodbye to your tan lines and hello to flawless, beautiful skin. Tan Unique has everything you need to get rid of tan lines and complete your look!

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