Nothing is simple anymore. Not even ordering a coffee is simple. Do you want a latte? Is it made with coconut milk or dairy? Do you want it dark and hot, like your tan? Days are packed with responsibilities, deadlines, and choices. This is one great benefit of tanning -- relaxing in warmth, escaping from all the noise of life. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and lovely. Book a session, then grab yourself that skinny, lavender-vanilla latte and head for some more “you time.”  A perfect addition to pampering yourself is having a manicure and pedicure. The next question is, out of all the choices, what color looks amazing with your tan?


It’s hard to go wrong with burning oranges, bright pinks, and deeply blushing corals. These colors evoke that beach sunset we’ve got hanging in our memories, and are sure to make your deep tan pop. Even darker shades of these colors can add some drama for fun summer nights.



Warm colors aren’t the only colors to stand out against a tan: light greens and blues offer a cool accent against the stunning sight of your glow. Try to look for kelly green, mint green, sky blue, or a color that catches the shades of the light patches of a tropical ocean.


Not all bathing beauties want to flash with color; sometimes a diva needs her subtle side to show. Remember that latte you were about to sip during your pedicure? Take a hint from those creamy colors: warm light browns, toasted pinks, caramels, and creams. These lovely colors can be seen all over the beach by looking at the sand, the color of shells, and now they can feature on your lovely hands and toes! 


Whatever color you choose, it will be flattering against the beauty of you. Love yourself! Take the time to de-stress in one of our tanning beds, or in our warm, sunless VersaSpa tanning booth. Give yourself a mini spa day! Come see why we’re "The cleanest beach in town!"

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