Girl with Pink Hair

First, identify whether or not you have cool or warm tones in your skin (Hint: if your veins look blue or purple, you are cool; if your veins look green, you are warm.).


For those with warm, dark tones ombre highlights of red and ash blonde will compliment your skin. For overall colors, cool champagnes, and darker cool colors work best. Avoid colors that match your skin by going either lighter or darker than your skin color. As skin gets lighter, ladies and gents with warmer skin tones can easily boast light or dark colors that can be described as “cool.” If you are following the colorful trend of pinks, blues, and purples, try silvery pastels or even grays.


Hot and cold are opposites, right? Whatever works for warm is definitely out for cool skin tones. In fact, look for colors that exude warmth. Colors described as” caramel,” “honey,” and “chocolate” usually enhance cool skin tones. This goes for solid color and ombre highlights. What about something vibrant for winter? Stay away from the subtle colors and go glam: bubblegum pink, corals, brighter greens and blues. Just be sure the greens and blues have some warmth to them; yes, that’s a thing.

Liven up your winter look and bring some of those spring and summer colors back with fun tresses, or feel cozy with warmer colors that make you remember the scent of spice and the falling leaves of autumn. Whether your skin is dark or slightly glowing, new locks can be the perfect answer to cold weather months!

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