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We’re finally leaving winter behind, but sadly, a pasty wintertime complexion isn’t so easy to get rid of. And with spring break right around the corner, too. Yikes!

Don’t let lingering winter pastiness stop you from enjoying your spring break! At Tan Unique, we want to help you achieve your ideal tan. We hope you’re ready to soak up some sun and have some fun because we know just how to get you started!

Building Your Perfect Tan

Feeling self-conscious about the pasty legs the long winter months left you with? Worried about looking your best in time for your spring break plans?

Your best bet is to go back to the basics and slowly build your tan! Developing a base tan before spending any lengthy amount of time outside will give you a more even and natural looking color. The best way to accomplish this quickly and easily would be to visit a tanning salon.

Sunbathing with tanning lotion could also get the job done…if you had the time to monitor your sun exposure very closely. After all, if you get too much sun then you’ll burn and start to peel. And if certain areas of your skin are more exposed to the sun’s rays than others, your tan could come out looking blotchy and uneven. Meanwhile, tanning bed technology gives you complete control over your desired skin tone and your amount of UV exposure. That kind of control is why more than 10 million Americans regularly use tanning salons.

Use Sun Protection

If you haven’t tanned in a while, then spending hours out in the sun isn’t the best idea. Exposing a large amount of unprotected skin to harsh UV rays after long periods of time without it is bad for your skin. It can be especially brutal if you have a fair complexion or sensitive skin. That’s why you should always use sunscreen or sunblock!

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Sunblock is used to completely block out UV rays, which means it could be applied if you’re happy with your current level of color or to protect a spray tan.

Sunscreen is the one with the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating system, which means that the lower the SPF number the weaker the barrier will be between your skin and the sun’s UV rays. You should use sunscreen if you want sun protection that will allow you to tan, just more slowly and without much risk of sunburn.

Sunburns are no fun! And spring break is all about fun in the sun, so make sure you always have some sun protection handy.

Keep It Up!

Get the most out of your spring break tan! After you’ve established a base tan, you should be able to maintain your ideal bronze glow with a visit to the tanning salon once or twice a week.

Psst! Prom is coming up!

Don’t let the colder months steal your rosy color! Come by Tan Unique and be gorgeously tanned all year-round! Check out our Specials page for great deals on our services, including VIP Memberships!


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