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Combat wintertime pastiness by coming to Tan Unique! We have everything you need to remain radiantly tanned and glowing during the long winter months.

At Tan Unique we’re excited to help, which is why we provided answers to frequently asked questions for your convenience!

Tanning Bed FAQs

Aren’t tanning beds bad for you?

The type of damage to your skin that increases your risk for skin cancer is primarily caused by overexposure resulting in sunburn. Research suggests that moderate exposure in tanning beds helps to prevent severe sunburn, providing sun protection approximately equal to SPF 2-4. Tanning also enriches your skin with much needed Vitamin D!

Can I get a tan after one session?

Not necessarily. If you’re not used to tanning it’s recommended that you build up a base tan by taking it easy the first few sessions. You should see a noticeable difference in your skin tone in as little as 3 sessions.

What’s a base tan?

A base tan is developed by gradually increasing your tanning session time (from about 5 minutes the first time) until the pigmentation of your skin has produced a base color layer due to oxidization by UV rays. This helps prevent sunburn so you’re free to use the max session time to build a deeper, richer tan.

How often should I tan?

You should be prepared to tan regularly (2-3 times a week) until you’ve reached your ideal skin tone. After that, it’s pretty easy to maintain that color by tanning one or two times a week.

Do I have to use tanning lotion?

Yes. Dry skin reflects rather than absorbs UV light, so the tanning process would be pretty useless without tanning lotion. It doubles as an essential moisturizer while also providing nutrients (copper, zinc, tyrosine, magnesium, etc.) that your skin needs to properly tan.

Can I use any lotion I want while using a tanning bed?

No, you should use indoor tanning lotions when using indoor tanning equipment. Indoor lotions are specially formulated to react better with the amount of UV light tanning beds produce. A quality lotion can even increase your tan up to 60%!

Please do not use outdoor tanning products at Tan Unique! They can cause damage to the acrylic surfaces of the tanning beds.

What kind of indoor lotion should I use?

Dealer’s choice! There are many different types of indoor tanning lotions. Check out our Guide To Indoor Tanning Lotions for an variety of options!

Can I tan in the nude?

That’s certainly an option! One of the biggest draws of using an indoor tanning salon is the opportunity to get rid of unsightly tan lines.

However, we caution our customers to proceed with care. If you haven’t gotten a lot of sun exposure on sensitive areas before, we recommend you leave your bikini or underwear on at first and only remove it during the last few minutes of your session. You should gradually increase exposure time to avoid sunburn on sensitive areas.

Can I shower right after tanning?

You most certainly can! There’s no reason you should wait, except maybe if your tanning lotion has bronzer in it. Bronzing lotion works to deepen your tan and should be left on for a few hours after a visit to the tanning bed.

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