It’s the holiday season and everyone wants to look their best in holiday photos and in that fabulous holiday wear (yes, even in those ugly Christmas sweaters). Tanning is the perfect way to cover up those slight imperfections. What is the saying? “A good tan can hide a multiple of sins.” Ah yes, that’s it and so very true. A great tan can make your skin look smoother and healthier. Isn’t that something we all want? With those great tans often come questions about facial tanning. Many people are against it and others are all for it. The key to having a natural-looking tan whether it be a spray tan or from a tanning bed is that it must all match and look like you naturally tanned that way. I know we’ve all seen those people that have a great tan until you get to their face and it almost looks like they put someone else’s head on their body because it is visibly 10 shades lighter. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but you get the idea. We have also seen those people that their faces are just too dark and it honestly makes them look a bit aged. So, what is the happy medium and how can it be achieved?

First, before getting a spray tan it is recommended to remove any make-up. It is also best to leave the make-up off for a bit if you can. If you can’t then follow these simple suggestions:

  • Wait until the tan solution is dry to the touch (about five minutes).
  • Try to avoid wet, liquid makeup right after the spray tan. Powders are better. If you absolutely must use liquid make-up it is recommended to wait a minimum of a half hour (an hour is better) afterward. So plan your appointment accordingly. Also, try to avoid oversaturating the skin.

To match your makeup to your tanned face, buy facial foundation two shades darker than your untanned face. A powder bronzer is also great to provide color depth.

Facial tans often fade faster than the rest of the body due to facial skin turning over faster than body skin. This is normal. To help the tan fade smoothly and evenly, lightly exfoliate the face as needed.

So how dark should you tan your face? Ultimately, it is a personal preference, but a facial tan for most Caucasian skins that is slightly lighter than the body tan often makes the face appear less aged and younger. If the facial tan is very dark, fine lines will be accentuated as well as droopy or sagging skin and sunken skin area.

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