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Contouring maximizes and highlights features of you face. Sometimes shadows or fatigue can dominate your natural beauty. Makeup helps cover those issues, but contouring can bring out the beauty of your cheekbones, your eye shape, and the lovely curve of your nose. It can help banish those circles and create shade where you want shade, sculpting the right places with the swipe of a foundation stick and some blending.

 Well, there are a few more steps than that, but we’ll go through those in a minute.

 Tanning gives your skin that beautiful glow and contouring takes your skin and features to the next level. Makeup is part of many people’s daily routine -- so here we go!

 First, invest in a darker foundation to match your tan. Next, you’ll need two foundation sticks: one two shades deeper, and one two shades lighter (that might your old foundation stick).

 Take the darker foundation stick and map your face. You will need to find the hollows of your cheekbones and apply just above them. Apply to your temples, nose (carry out just above the tip of your nose), and don’t forget your jawline (you don’t have to trace all the way around your jaw, just parts of the angle), under your bottom lip, and also your chin. Blend the darker color into your foundation. Blending is super important so you might want to find some YouTube videos to help understand products and technique!

 Use the lighter foundation under your eyes and try it in the center of your nose (the bridge), chin, and forehead. This mimics where light naturally falls on your face.

 What comes next? Blend.

 Brush on translucent powder to finish! Done!

 Take that glow to the next level and experiment with some contouring or come see us today at Tan Unique for the golden glow you need as your natural foundation!  Walk in or schedule an appointment by calling us at 479.785.1185 and find out why we are "The Cleanest Beach In Town."

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