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Contouring works like this: using a darker color, waists can seemingly narrow, tushies can lift, abs can rip, and thighs can tone.

Yes. It’s true. Contouring leveled up.

You can try this at home to see what you think. After your tanning session, use waterproof makeup to begin contouring. Apply a matte bronze powder two or three shades darker than your tan to the areas with less tone. You can use a flat-topped brush for this. Darker foundation goes where the shadows naturally fall on your neck, your chest, and your cleavage. Then, lighten the areas you wish to accentuate. If you enjoy body contouring, there are professional makeup brushes and foundation palettes specifically for body contouring. We watched several videos and included a few to get you started, and, bonus, they do recommend certain products. (Disclaimer: The Kirbie Tries video is honest and she does recommend great products, but uses a few words that might be a offensive for some audiences). So far the folks in the videos say the powders are easier, but just like in the last blog, buff, buff, buff.


Et voila! You’ve built tone and sculpted abs out of what nature gave you and the wonders of all that mankind can create.

 Remember, the technique enhances curves and the muscular definition you already have and,  just like facial contouring, there’s still blending involved.

 Let the pros at Tan Unique help you decide whether you want to try spray tanning or safe and traditional tanning, until you reach that desired look. Love yourself for who you are: treat yourself to some relaxation and have fun experimenting with new beauty techniques like contouring.

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