Find out how celebrities get their flawless looks! We’re sharing some of Hollywood’s hottest techniques to help you look as beautiful as you feel!

Celebrities and professional makeup artists have been using these tricks for years:


Ever wonder how starlets get that picture-perfect complexion? The key to the perfect look starts with beautiful, healthy skin!

Drink lots of water! Keeping your body hydrated is the best way to keep that supple, healthy glow. Professionals recommend that you follow the 8x8 method: drink eight (8oz.) glasses of water per day.

Don’t knock diet and exercise. Exercise increases blood circulation which is healthy and also great for working up a perpetual rosy glow! Foods rich in antioxidants (berries, yogurt, bananas, grapes) help to drastically improve your complexion. Celebrities recommend a quick workout-and-smoothie combo for best results!

Sweat out the toxins in your system with exercise and hydrate your body from the inside out for beautiful lush skin.

Dealing with acne break-outs? Not a problem! Models and celebrities can’t get enough of promoting the benefits of anti-acne products. There are entire brands that are inexpensive and gentle on even the most sensitive skin! GetBestAdvice.com provides a full list of products here.

Winter is coming. It’s just around the corner so remember to button up to protect your sensitive skin from the elements and wind chafing! Cold weather dries out skin faster, so we recommend that you moisturize daily and make sure to stock up on chapstick!


Finding the right combination of makeup products for a signature look can be tricky. Celebrity makeup artists suggest focusing on the eyes, skin, and lips to really complete your look.

Make your eyes pop! Ever wonder how celebrities have such full lashes? Turns out curling your lashes makes them that much fuller! Popular features of the red carpet also include: smoky eyes, liquid eyeliner, and shimmery eyeshadow.

Quality foundation is super important. Nobody wants their foundation to look cakey and unnatural. For that poreless look, make sure to buy quality foundation that keeps your skin looking fresh. We recommend ShaterrajMakeup.com for finding the perfect foundation for your skin type and tone!

Pucker up! Finding the right lipstick has never been easier! Professional makeup artist, Kerry Cole, has this to say on finding the right shade: "Test lipstick on the inside of your fingertip, rather than on the back of your hand. The pad of your finger closely resembles your own lip color, so see which one looks best there, then move to the lips."

Celebrities recommend makeup that adds character to your face.


Ever wonder how celebrities keep that gorgeous bronze glow all year round? Well, according to Mindy Kaling:

“Everyone receives an airbrush tan before a big event — especially during award season! And if they're not getting bronzed, they're accentuating their natural skin tone with a variety of body highlighters, shimmer creams, and the like. Many might assume that one's au naturel glow is just the perk of being a celebrity, but we know there's a lot of work that goes into making these women shine. Literally.”

Advanced spray tanning booths are equipped with moisturizing treatments that disperse natural oils to keep your skin supple and radiant. Check out some of the cool options sunless tanning has to offer by clicking here.

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Beautiful, healthy skin starts with you! Find more beauty advice on the rest of our website or ask our friendly staff for some of their own tips at Tan Unique!

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