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Dress to impress by following these few simple guidelines in determining what color goes best (and worst) with your skin tone.

Fair Complexions

What To Wear: If you have fair Type 1 or 2 skin, it can make getting and keeping a tan difficult (Read our blog on Finding Your Skin Type here). We recommend wearing bold solid colors to bring out the warmer tones in your skin. If you want to better set off your complexion, try wearing bright colors like hot pink or canary yellow. Lighter skin tones tend to fall in the cooler shades of skin undertones (blue/pink based tones). Warmer colors will also compliment your skin, such as peach or tan colors.

What NOT To Wear: People with Type 1 or 2 skin should never dress in solid black or white. It completely drains any color you could potentially squeeze out of your complexion.

Medium Complexions

What To Wear: If you have a medium complexion (Type 3 or 4 skin) then you should look for more earthy colors, such as green, gold, reds, oranges, etc. Neutral colors such as cream and taupe are also good for enhancing the gorgeous caramel color of people with medium complexions.

What NOT To Wear: Since people with a medium skin type tend to have a warm undertone, we recommend avoiding any cool colors. Too many pastels are guaranteed to make your skin take on a grayish tinge.

Dark Complexions

What To Wear: Dark complexions (Type 5 or 6 skin) look fantastic in pastels and bright whites. Dark colors are also flattering, although you should have more jewel tones, such as emerald green or sapphire blue. Eggplant-purple, deep red, and gray are also great with setting off dark skin.

What NOT To Wear: Earthy colors such as brown, navy blue, or black don’t go particularly well with dark skin tones. These types of colors will wash you out and won’t do anything to enhance your dark complexion.

Pro Tip

If you particularly like a color that we advised against, don’t be afraid to use it as an accent piece! Go ahead and add some flair with a colorful pair of shoes, belt, scarf, or bag.


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