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Many people make the mistake of choosing their clothes based off a specific season rather than their skin tone. Wintertime used to mean a lot of pasty complexions that went well with subdued colors. However, thanks to indoor tanning salons, people can sport their ideal beautiful bronzed glow all year round! So trying to make your wardrobe fit a seasonal theme really isn’t doing anyone any favors. That’s why it’s important to know which colors will complement you and which ones can wash you out.

By follow a few simple guidelines, we can help you determine which colors will help bring out your gorgeous tan, and leave you looking fantastic and feeling confident!

Determine Your Skin Undertone

The first step to finding the ideal color scheme for your wardrobe is to determine your skin undertone. People can usually be classified as having either a warm or cool undertone. Here are some fairly easy ways to tell which category your beautiful skin belongs to:

Paper Test: The easiest way to test your undertone would be to hold up a plain white sheet of paper to your face or arm and determine which color is most prominent; if your skin looks pink or blueish, then you have a cool skin tone. If your skin looks yellowish, orangeish, or even greenish then you have a warm skin tone.

Veins Check Test: Check the underside of your wrist and determine which color your veins most closely resembles. Blue or purple veins belong to cool undertones, while green or yellowish veins belong to warm undertones.

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Jewelry Test: Use a bracelet or ring to determine what your skin undertone is. White or silver jewelry will compliment cool skin tones, while gold jewelry will look better on warm skin tones.

Once you’ve determined which skin undertone fits you the best, then you can move on to determining which warm shades or cool shades work with your overall skin type. For simplicities sake, warm tones tend to work better with earthy shades, while cool skin tones tend to work best with jewel tones or silver shades.

Stay tuned for more flattering color options in Part II of Best Clothing Colors That Enhance Your Tan!


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