Tan Beach Girl

I’m sure we’ve all noticed it on someone with a great tan, heck maybe even on our own body, those two untanned spots at the creases of your bum…or “moons” as I like to call them.  It’s a problem, maybe one we don’t like to admit or talk about, but it’s a problem nonetheless. Actually, it’s not just the bum area that often doesn’t tan in a tanning bed, but any pressure points like the two spots on the shoulder blades.  All you need to do is reposition yourself to get the best, most even tan possible allowing you to avoid tan lines, bum circles, and moons.


  • The very first thing you need to do is apply a tanning lotion specifically designed for indoor tanning.

  • You want to make sure that all parts of the skin are exposed at some point during the session. Stretch out and avoid resting your arms too close to your body. Avoid staying in one position for too long (this is a problem for me since I like to use the tanning bedtime as a little siesta time), but if you can it’s best to reposition yourself by switching your arms above your head and make sure your legs are spaced far enough apart to get your inner thighs.
  • To avoid the dreaded moons, bend your knees when you are lying on your back in the tanning bed. After a bit, switch legs.
  • Flip onto your stomach with your arms by your side and palms down. If this is too uncomfortable, you can bend your arms to prop your chin over your hands. Just as you need to flip onto your stomach, you will need to lie on each side to get the best tan possible with no white spots. It is easiest to divide your tanning time into fourths to give ample time to all sides. For example, if you are in the bed for 24 minutes, then you will lie on your back six minutes, stomach six minutes, left side six minutes and finally the right side for six minutes.

  • Lastly, make sure your chin is lifted to evenly to tan your neck. This is best accomplished by not using the pillow provided


After your tanning session, you will want to apply a great after-tan skincare lotion for the best results possible. Stop by Tan Unique today to get started on that summer tan.

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