I’m not sure about you, but during my younger days, I didn’t always make the best choices when it came to taking care of myself. You know the typical junk food indulgences at midnight, not working out, staying out way too late, the whole gamut. I didn’t make the best choices when it came to my skin either. I can remember one time in particular when I was about 17 years old and I wanted to be tan for prom. Now, keep in mind this was way back in the day before tanning beds were what they are now. They had really just gained popularity (or at least in the small town I grew up in), so basically you paid to tan at people’s homes, beauty shops, etcetera. I know, looking back on that, not very smart. Anyway, these days, I’m smarter and only go to reputable people like Tan Unique that have been in business for many years and pride themselves on being the best at what they do. Their staff is educated and can help answer any questions to help you tan safely.

Let’s go back to the time I was working on my tan for prom. During my constant tanning and not properly taking care of my skin, I developed what is often referred to as a tanning bed rash. This bumpy, red and very itchy rash can develop in the first few hours or days after. The most common causes of tanning bed rash are dry skin, ultraviolet (UV) overexposure and a heat rash.

Probably the most common cause is due to dry skin. If your skin is dry when you start tanning and you don’t moisturize afterward, you could make yourself more susceptible to getting the rash. Tan Unique offers several tanning products to keep your skin moisturized during the tanning session and post tanning. It is also a good idea to increase your water intake while tanning.

UV overexposure is caused by, well, overexposure. For example, when I was younger I was tanning every day in an unmonitored bed allowing me to most likely tan longer than my skin was able to absorb the amount of ultraviolet light.

A heat rash can develop when the flow of your sweat is interrupted. The sweat becomes trapped between the layers of your skin and causes a rash.

The best ways to avoid getting this dreadful rash is to make sure you:

  • Only use tanning beds in a clean and reputable tanning salon

  • Make sure the tanning bed is sanitized, which goes back to going to a clean and reputable tanning salon. Tan Unique also offers a great stand-up bed.

  • Keep your skin moisturized.

  • Avoid further sun exposure for a day or two after a tanning session to prevent overexposure to UV rays.
  • Talk to the staff and let them know your concerns or if your skin is sensitive. They will guide you in the best way to tan your skin type.

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