It’s holiday photo time of year again. Look great in your holiday photos this by keeping that summer tan. The struggle is real, trying to get all the family together for that perfect shot, not to mention trying to coordinate clothing so your family can avoid looking like a hot mess. Why not ease some of the stress by maintaining a great summer tan? A nice healthy tan will keep you from looking like the ghost of Christmas past and give you more time to focus on creating a great holiday family photo.

Keep this photo checklist in mind to help your pictures capture that special feeling of the holiday season.

  • Family photo day will go much smoother if you have an idea of what kind of vibe you want your picture to convey. Do you want something casual, something formal or something completely different? It is always a good idea to have a few pictures to show your photographer and your family so they have an idea of what you have in mind. Do this first and that will help you determine the type of clothes everyone should wear.


  • Speaking of clothes, you don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but following this simple rule will help you get a better family photograph. Choose three colors and try to build outfits for each family member with those three colors. Like this beautiful family photo of the Riley family (photo credit: Kim Killian Wiegel Photography). Avoid large prints on clothing to make everything look more cohesive.


  • Add holiday elements to your Christmas photo. Hold letters that spell out JOY or a Christmas wreath. Want snow, but don’t have any? Create your own by using the packaged faux snow. Throw it in the air just before the camera snaps the shot for a fun, snowy picture.


  • Don’t get too caught up in a posed photograph. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a great posed family photo, but often they don’t really capture that special Christmas feeling. Be sure to take a few candid shots during your photo session.


(photo credit: Kim Killian Wiegel Photography)


  • Don’t be afraid of close-up shots. They often create an intimate and more interesting photo.
  • The perfect photo doesn’t have to be a row of smiling people staring at the camera. A simple change of the angle and having the family members look at a familiar scene like a Christmas tree or Christmas scene from a new perspective can give a photograph a fresh, new look.


  • Keep it simple. It is easy to be caught up in trying to create the perfect backdrop, but more often than not, it is better to keep your photographs simple. Don’t look past taking pictures in your own home. You don’t need an elaborate location or ten wardrobe changes to get a great family photo.
  • Take a deep breath and let it out slowly allows you to naturally relax and helps keep your shoulders down in a natural position.

Now that you have your holiday photo checklist, all you need to do is concentrate on looking your best. Contact Tan Unique today at 479-785-1185 to book a tanning or spray tan session.  We have several pricing levels to fit any budget.

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